Quiénes somos

AIUNAU is a non-profit foundation born from the need to contribute to the protection of wildlife, in particular Xenarthra. We adopt the principles of the compassionate conservation, where conservation biology and animal welfare support each other, where every individual counts.

The work with sloths, sweet and charismatic animals, was developed since 1996 through the actions developed by the project Unau and the foundation Unau. Foundation Unau becomes AIUNAU in 2010, with the same commitment to conservation and wildlife. We extended our experience to other endangered/threatened taxonomical groups, such as felines and primates, wishing to contribute to the conservation of confiscated animals that have no specific destination.

We rehabilitate wild animals that are the victims of illegal traffic, mistreated and/or injured. Our final goal is reintroduction of the rehabilitated animals to their natural habitat.

Our working tools are: rehabilitation, research in natural and social sciences, medicine, public awareness, education and variety of the activities with the communities.