Sloth International day


Sloth International Day was created by the foundation AIUNAU as a compromise acquired on the first Sloth International Meeting about the wellbeing and conservation of sloths, held in Medellin, Colombia, in November of 2010. According to Sarita Kendall and Tinka Plese, who organized this day, it was established Saturday of a third week in October which is a month of the childhood and animal month.

Sloth International Day was created as a necessity to bring the world of sloths and their habitat to everyday people to raise awareness towards other living beings and our environment. It is important to know more about sloths, so special, cryptic and shy creatures that inspire and awake our tenderness. There is a lot that they can teach us – respect, tenderness, enjoyment, sharing…. Nevertheless, without any consideration, we contribute to their extinction.

For this reason, we seek that this day full of activities is oriented to raise awareness and knowledge about sloths and their importance, and the problems they face. This way we will contribute to the conservation of these botanists from the American tropical jungles in our changing world.

Who’s in hurry?